Technology & Products

Here's how we help meet the demand for more sustainable construction materials.

Material technology

Geoprime® is the next-generation, geopolymer-based low carbon construction material and a sustainable alternative to cement. It is a recipe and a material that enables us to create cement-free construction materials out of industrial side streams.

The solution’s durability and strength are comparable to cement-based products – yet it outperforms the traditional products with its up to 80% smaller carbon footprint.

Geoprime® technology utilizes a wide range of industrial side-streams produced by energy, steel, paper, and pulp industry and mining.


100% cement-free products are composed as the desired aggregates are combined with a side stream-based component and Geoprime® activator.


We are developing Geoprime® solutions in the following key application areas: concrete elements, stabilization, precast, and ready-mix concrete.




Products for all stabilization and construction


Casting and structural masses for various applications


Construction elements
Landscaping products, paving stones, kerbs, slabs & bricks
Column bases


Solutions for by-product utilization and substituting cement